Cat's Eye Casino
"...the Casino was more than just a place to gamble. It was a place for gathering, for friendship, for camaraderie, for story-telling, and for sharing experiences. It also never hurt to win..."
Space Otter Society is partnered with the Cat’s Eye Casino, owned and operated by Selkies! Selkies installed the Casino into our discord server and helped us customize it to fit our needs. You can play games and use various commands to earn more Casino tokens (Otter Coins
) which can be spent on prizes in the shop.
Pre-mint, you will be able to purchase whitelist roles.
After mint, we will use it in a variety of ways to add value to holders including but not limited to:
  • Acquisition of Solar Pearls & Galaxy Stones
  • NFT Lottery
  • Missions
More to come...
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