Introduction & Team

Welcome, Otters!
Space Otter Society is the interactive adventure of 3750 Otters escaping their war-torn planet in search of a new home - as far away as possible from the horrors of the nuclear war that haunted them on Earth. Led by the fearless Captain Otter Attari, head of the Space program, the Otters will voyage into the great unknown of Otter Space in order to survive.
Whenever you see an entry in Italics and in this color, it is an entry from Captain Attari's logbook - the Captain's Log. If you have a keen eye, you might even figure out hints for the future...
Mission & Vision
Art, utility, and community are king.
Space Otter Society (SOS), at its core, is an art and lore-based NFT project built upon the three pillars of art, utility, and community. We believe that by creating an atmosphere where holders can interact with their NFT in new and interesting ways, the art will come to life in a way not typically seen in this space. Our ultimate future intent is to produce the best animated NFTs on the Cardano blockchain while providing as much value as possible to holders.
We want each Otter to feel proud of the art they own whilst reaping the benefits of our vast utility-based ecosystem. Our vision will be intertwined with holders as we place the power in their hands to shape certain aspects of the project with us. A fateful voyage together where each action chosen will have a direct impact on our lore and our journey through Otter Space!
Otters are not just here to make a splash, we are here to take over!
The Team
Space Otter Society Team
Web, Tech, & Development
We have partnered with ADA Anvil as our development team. ADA Anvil specializes in webification, which is making Cardano more usable and approachable for the everyday customer while leading the front lines of technology and innovation in the space.
The senior developers, Jeremie and David are co-founders of a successful web development agency based in Canada. The team also has significant roots with Benjamin's group.
ADA Anvil strives to help utilize NFTs in new and innovative ways and you will see much of this coming to life in Space Otter Society!
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