Galaxy Stones | Solar Pearls

"...the first time I gazed into one of these stones, an hour passed before I looked away. I knew the ExplOtters had found something special, but we weren't quite sure what to make of them. Their value quickly grew in the society as they were freely traded for goods and services, but something told me they'd be the key to something important in the future..."
Raffles requiring Galaxy Stones to enter will be conducted by the Otter Team at various times. This can be for an NFT, ADA, exclusive whitelists, and much more.
Galaxy Stones must be earned based on specific holdings throughout epochs. They will expire after 90 days if left unclaimed. Once claimed and in your wallet, they do not expire.
One Galaxy Stone will always equal one entry.

"...the TechnOtters always seemed to find a breakthrough when we needed it most. When they developed the ability to harness fusion in such a small vessel, it was clear to me these would be of great importance to Otterkind. Over time, not only did they power our most important technology, they also became a status symbol for the wealthy..."
Once the royalty distribution wallet reaches 25,000 ADA, Solar Pearls will be made claimable based on eligible holdings. They will expire after 90 days if left unclaimed. Once claimed, they do not expire.
Solar Pearls can only be used to enter royalty distribution raffles to earn passive income and cannot be used for any other purpose.
One Solar Pearl will always equal one entry.

  • $SHELLS are our utility token earned via staking and be used to redeem prizes such as NFTs, ADA, exclusive whitelists, and many more items in our storefront.
  • Galaxy Stones will be utilized for entry into NFT, ADA, whitelist, and any other raffles that are not royalty distribution raffles
  • Solar Pearls will be utilized for entry into royalty distribution raffles only.
Once claimed, Galaxy Stones and Solar Pearls may be held as long as desired! You may stockpile and utilize only when you see fit!
Galaxy Stones and Solar Pearls are NOT interchangeable and can only be used for their own appropriate entries.
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